Colors — TTT 29 July


There’s this question brunted around once in awhile that asks which would you rather instantly and irrevocably lose: sight or hearing? For me, bye-bye sound. I really love looking at colors.I’m not the only one either, as evidenced by the ad campaign for a certain Sony color TV. There are two ads thus far, one completed and one in process which I’ve just found a home-made preview movie of. (Very dangling participle, that.) They are remarkable in being real life, not CGI, and quite nifty.

The first ad shows the result of releasing 250,000 superballs down San Francisco streets. Amazingly it is not havoc.

Here is the extended version of the ad, well worth the download time.

So, how do you top that? How about blowing a rainbow of paint out of a highrise? The new ad has yet to be released but as I said above, someone has posted a home movie (later edit: took the movie down, dammit) taken during filming. My reaction? That is so COOL!! Sony has put up some production stills — suffice it to say that I’ll be keeping my eye out for the public release of the ad itself.

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