Are you home?

Here’s a really pleasant personal thing! I was just starting to do the dirty dishes when there was a knock on the kitchen window. Who could these visitors be? They were my very own daughters, stopping by to say hello on this Home Alone weekend, en route from the gas station (”I got gum, natch!”) to their father’s house.

I let them in and we sat and visited for a couple minutes. They helped me give vitamins to the guineas and petted the cats then were on their way with hugs and kisses.

And as they took off down the street I realized I had never seen the youngest ride a bike before. She was only four when I moved out of the house and the kids and I have never had the proper combination of location and wherewithall to have a second set of bikes.

They looked good, those girls, standing up and pumping to gain speed. It’s no surprise that I watched them riding away until they went out of sight.

One Response to “Are you home?”

  1. Nene Says:

    That’s very sweet of them. They are growing up fast and are very sweet.

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