Synchonicity — TTT 20 Apr

Here’s another semi-random old link. I’ve been holding onto this in Bookmarks for quite some time, waiting for it to spark my imagination, wishing I could do something imaginative with or like it.

Upon rereading the story (and I implore you to do read it, even if the dark background of the webpage makes that a little difficult) I think what I wanted to do was to have a similar experience to write about.

It’s a cool story. Read it.


5 Responses to “Synchonicity — TTT 20 Apr”

  1. Nene Says:

    That is wild. Very cool story.

  2. Mugsy Says:

    Have not looked at this yet. But I did need to let you know that when I read the title of this one, I only could think of one thing…

    “The telephone is ringing, Is that my mother on the phone…”

  3. Dododreams Says:

    That is one helluva song, isn’t it? Hard to get out of your head!

    (The kids and I listen to the album a ton, every time we are on a roadtrip. Only once have we made it entirely through that song and lord, it was painful.)

  4. Dododreams Says:

    Dude! I don’t think they ever made an actual video of this.

    I wonder why.

    Ouch. God, it sucks. I still blame this single song for Synchonicity losing the Album of the Year Grammy that year to Michael Jackson (although Thriller was a good album too.)

  5. Mugsy Says:

    God, it hurts! What was this song? Why did they think that it was a necessary thing to make? Andy must have really hated his mother.

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