Scratch scratch scratch — TTT 26 Mar

Last week I took the latter part of a workday off so my father, children and I could go to the local “little zoo”. The place is in the midst of modernizing and upgrading its animal enclosures — a long endeavor for a free site — and the first area was completed several years ago. This is a tropical rainforest exhibit complete with creatures such boa constrictors, Sumatran frogs, turtle, leaf-cutter ants, and R’s favorite creature, who she calls “Itchy-Tums”.

This little movie might explain why the (admittedly cutesy) nickname is appropriate for a member of that particular species.

Me, I think they have cute noses.

2 Responses to “Scratch scratch scratch — TTT 26 Mar”

  1. Mugsy Says:

    What does their fur feel like? It looks like a matted, much moved stuffed animal. I wonder if the fur is greasy/oily like a ferret or opposum.

    I find sloths much cuter than those previously mentioned (icky) animals.

  2. Mugsy Says:

    I meant much loved stuffed toy/animal.

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