Mail from the Feds

After work today I had a series of errands to run including picking up my mail from the post office. In amidst the pile of catalogues, discount coupons from the eye glass place and a couple bills was was

uh oh

dah dah DUM

A letter from the the U.S. Department of Justice.

Now in my experience a letter from the Feds is not always a good thing. Bracing myself I stood inside the post office and opened it, peeking inside to see what the heck they wanted from me now.

Well, who would have guessed? What they wanted this time was to inform me, via a rather official-looking certificate with the U.S. Department of Justice seal on top was:


Dear {Me}:

You have been approved to transport, ship, receive or possess explosive materials as an employee possessor under the Federal explosive license or permit indicated above.”

Whee! The Feds are letting me blow shit up!

This is so cool.

3 Responses to “Mail from the Feds”

  1. TC Says:

    “ONE OF US! ONE OF US!” :)


  2. Mugsy Says:

    Congratulations Sweetie!

  3. Nene Says:

    Congratulations! That is explosive news, what a fun thing to get in the mail.

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