Shuttle service

When I was in France recently I watched with sympathy as my little sister drove her daughters all over the place to various activities. I was reminded of that yesterday afternoon as I reviewed this weekend’s schedule for my children. This is how is appears it is playing out:

Friday: leave work early to be able to stop by the grocery store and pick up pizza, as Christopher needs to be up at the high school by 6:00 for theatre crew. He had gone to his father’s house to get his show black clothes, and I was supposed to fetch him there but found out on the way there that since he was hauling his choir tuxedo home his father had already gotten him (thanks again, Dad.) Drop that leg of running around, get to the house, feed everyone, drop Christopher off and then drop Anna at a friend’s house for a movie and sleepover. Pick Christopher up at 9:00.

Saturday: Christopher is picked up at 7:15 for a robotics competition 20 miles south of here. Rose is due at the middle school at 9:00 for theatre crew, after which she will go to a friend’s house for a Miyazaki marathon and sleepover. Anna needs to be picked up at 1:00; then after a grocery store run (last day on cheap milk, my father is out of bananas, they have 2-for$5 bacon, dude!) she and I will head out to the ubergiant-mall for Christmas and miscellany shopping. Being out and about then works out well as Christopher has to be picked up across town at around 4:45, brought home to change and get food, then back to the high school for theatre at 6:00. That should wind up around 9:00 with one final pick-up and today’s trips will be done.

Sunday: Christopher back at school at 12:30 for the final play performance. Rose needs to be picked up sometime mid-afternoon, then Christopher again around 3:00. Everyone under the age of, well, me will complain about being tired and I will make them do homework anyway, take their evening baths, and get ready for school on Monday.

Somehow this seemed a lot more complicated in my head, I guess it’s not so bad after all. It bemuses me a lot of the time, this being a parent thing, but once one learns to go with the flow and not stress out too much about what has to be done, it’s not so tough.

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  1. Mugsy Says:

    With S now staying afterschool each day, I must pick her up at 5:45, adding to my busy driving schedule.

    It is not tough, but just to keep those driving times all clear in my head, and trying to get MY things taken care of (aka grocery shopping, etc), that is what occupies my head. All of the time….

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