Over the years all of my pets have had nicknames.

Some were obviously derived from their proper names…

Beauregard —> Beau

Scooter —> Scoots or Bootsie

Harlequin —> Harley Q

Matilda —> Tillie

Some were based on physical characteristics and give you a clue what the given animal looked like…

Beauregard —> Beast

Dulcie —> Larddonkey or Orca (guess who is gray on top, white on the bottom, and fat?)

Sasha —> Fluffers

Clove —> Pumpkin Belly or Couch (as in, the color of my old one)

Some were based on personality…

Lucy —> Lucifer (although she is not very devilish in reality)

Roscoe —> Fizzbin (referring to the fluff in her cranial cavity)

But only one truly has no explanation…

Tillie —> Goatgirl Monkeypants.

Sometimes these things just happen!

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