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Tornad-Owned! — TTT 09 July

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I’ve been slacking recently in my duty of providing movies and random links, I think. Maybe that’s because the weather has been pretty decent here so far this summer, with this week’s highs in the low 80s and nightly lows in the 60s. I cannot say that there’s been a lot of outside activities happening but certainly less holing up looking at blog sites than during the winter.

One thing this summer has not held so far has been violent weather. I miss having the approaching crackle and rumble of a thunderstorm but on the other hand that means no tornado watches or sightings either. I’ll bet whoever was driving this train last May wishes he or she could say the same thing. (The action starts around the one minute mark.)

Info on the storm that spawned the twister.