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I don’t really see what could possibly go wrong with this — TTT 17 Jun

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

In a science fiction / post-apocalyptic novel, this story would be quoted as the first chapter before all bacterial hell breaks loose.

After more than 120,000 years trapped beneath a block of ice in Greenland, a tiny microbe has awoken. The long-lasting bacteria may hold clues to what life forms might exist on other planets.


“We don’t know what state they were in,” said study team member Jean Brenchley of Pennsylvania State University. “They could’ve been dormant, or they could’ve been slowly metabolizing, but we don’t know for sure.”


The resulting colonies of the originally purple-brown bacteria, now named Herminiimonas glaciei, are alive and well.

“We were able to recover it and get it to grow in our laboratory,” Brenchley said. “It was viable.”

Oops, too bad about that sudden and persistent rash and unusual fever…


The full story.