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Nifty things — Japanese and Ancient Israeli animals

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I have been working my butt off at my desk this week and so will take time to share two nifty things today, which are very different and both of which I like quite a bit.

The first is an awesome Samurai Octopus print, as seen below. If you click on the picture it ought to open a new window with the artist’s website.

The creature looks so fierce! All those swords and the full range of motion available to muscular cephalopod arms could make this a terrifying adversary. Maybe someday Hayao Miyazaki will make an animated film set underwater which features animals such as this.

The second thing is thematically very different, being a children’s toy. I think it’s well-known by now how enchanted I am by Playmobils, so this miniature Noah’s Ark set has that feeling squared. Check it out! The ark and animal pairs are teensy! SQUEE!

There are other micro-sets as well, including pirate and fairytale themes, but this one is the cutest and makes me do a OOOOO SHINY I WANT stare. It’s just charming, I think.

Again clicking the pic should open a source link.

Maybe I could do sort of a home-made combination of these, take a Playmobil octopus, hotglue on swords and daggers, and have it slashing at sets of animals? Good thing a weekend is coming up, I may be busy!