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Out of time, out of sight

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Far from day, far from night,
Out of time, out of sight,
In between earth and sea,
We shall fly; follow me.
Dry the rain, warm the snow,
Where the winds never go,
Follow me, follow me, follow me…

To a cave by a sapphire shore
Where we’ll walk through an emerald door,
And for thousands of breathless evermores my life you will be.

Only you, only I,
World farewell, world goodbye.
To our home ‘neath the sea
We shall fly; follow me.
Follow me, follow me, follow me.

There’s a song in Act I of Lerner & Lowe’s Camelot that I’ve always loved. It’s kind of a throwaway in the play — Lady of the Lake Nimue is enticing Merlin away forever from his responsibility as Arthur’s counselor. In most retellings of the legend she imprisons him and assumes his job as advisor, ultimately receiving back the sword Excalibur after Arthur’s fatal wounding at Modred’s hand.

The song in the musical, however, takes a different angle. Merlin and Nimue are disappearing together forever, preserving their love against the passage of time.

I listened to a version of this song last month and it made me think about those little slices of life that are time-out-of-time, those that one wishes could be crystallized because they are simply perfect. I have an afternoon like this, an hour like this, and a moment like this — they are the most joyful memories I carry deep in my heart. That is my idea of heaven, to be suspended in one of those times, not anticipating or caring that the special moment was so ephemeral and real life would fade back into reality. Hearing the song, sung so poignantly, made me smile thinking what a wonderful thing it is to be able to feel joy, how wonderful it is to have people who I love so much that I would fill my time-out-of-time forever with thoughts of them.

I have tried to reduce the size of the video link to get rid of the dopey visuals; if they pop up, ignore them — this was the best quality sound I could find of the song I heard. Unless and until I can figure out how to embed my own music it will have to do. Scroll over the link to find the “play” button, then just close your eyes and listen to the simple beauty of this song of love and devotion.