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Politics — Sarah and Dick up in a tree… (vulgarity warning)

Friday, May 15th, 2009

It’s sad what passes for deep intellectual conversation about the political scene these days. As proof, here is a IM exchange from this afternoon:

TC: Sarah Palin has 541, 549 Facebook supporters.

Dododreams: that’s because people think she’s fuckable

TC: I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick, and you don’t even have one

TC: I wouldn’t fuck her with Cheney’s dick

Dododreams: bet she’d fuck him with a strap-on, and they’d both love it

TC: he’d probably rather shoot her in the face ;-)

Dododreams: BWAH!!!

Dododreams: you win the entire day for that :-D

I really ought not to demonstrate how vulgar I am, but it does kind of cut to the heart of the GOP’s kinkiness, I reckon, plus made me snort out loud at work.